25 and now what?

My motivation for starting this blog is quite simple. I am turning 25 and have decided to take a deeper look into my finances. It is time to do more than just think about improving my finances.

I won’t be so negative as to call it a crisis of some kind, but when looking back to the things I’ve done in my life so far, then some things have greatly exceeded my expectations while some have fallen quite far from the marks I set for myself when I was younger.

This blog is my attempt to organize my finances and to document my thoughts and my journey to financial freedom. I must admit that I’m nowhere near as hardcore as a lot of the financial bloggers that I read on a daily basis. Half the reason is that I value experiences and enjoyment that life offers, the other half is mostly just genuine laziness and lack of discipline.

I still believe though, that financial success can be achieved even by taking small steps at a time, as long as you think of money as your friend, not your enemy.

The concept of early retirement and financial freedom/independence are fascinating but to some extent they seem like very American ideas. I’m being realistic in that I won’t retire by 30 or 40 like some of the prolific financial bloggers but I do believe it’s possible to reach some sort of a point where money isn’t such a huge problem and I’d have a significant monthly passive cash flow to simplify my life.