25 and now what?

My motivation for starting this blog is quite simple. I am turning 25 and have decided to take a deeper look into my finances. It is time to do more than just think about improving my finances.

I won’t be so negative as to call it a crisis of some kind, but when looking back to the things I’ve done in my life so far, then some things have greatly exceeded my expectations while some have fallen quite far from the marks I set for myself when I was younger.

This blog is my attempt to organize my finances and to document my thoughts and my journey to financial freedom. I must admit that I’m nowhere near as hardcore as a lot of the financial bloggers that I read on a daily basis. Half the reason is that I value experiences and enjoyment that life offers, the other half is mostly just genuine laziness and lack of discipline.

I still believe though, that financial success can be achieved even by taking small steps at a time, as long as you think of money as your friend, not your enemy.

The concept of early retirement and financial freedom/independence are fascinating but to some extent they seem like very American ideas. I’m being realistic in that I won’t retire by 30 or 40 like some of the prolific financial bloggers but I do believe it’s possible to reach some sort of a point where money isn’t such a huge problem and I’d have a significant monthly passive cash flow to simplify my life.

3 thoughts on “25 and now what?

  1. I guess I’m the case in your point that financial freedom is an American idea, because it literally took me a move there to find it. Hailing from the über-social Scandinavian countries, I was not raised to dream of it.

    Work took me there when I was a few years older than you. It was an eye-opening experience to have to worry about so many things that had been provided to me by the government, but also to realize that I don’t need regulation or politicians to take care of those things for me. Life is dangerous – stay insured. Employers can let you go on a few hours notice – make sure you’re valuable. There’s no such thing as a pension – figure out what it really takes to retire and get ready for it.

    I’m 34 and find myself asking the same question, now what?

    This month I’ve taken the first step toward “early retirement” by cutting my work schedule to 4 days a week, long weekend ahead! The passive income from my company now exceeds my full time salary (the two are in no way correlated) so it feels safe to do so.

    For now, I’ll just keep reinvesting the passive income elsewhere to diversify my assets and to build other streams of passive income, and enjoy the extra time to explore new ideas and try to be more present in the life of those who depend on me.

    To strike it rich as a financial blogger will be hard, albeit you write very well. If I was allowed to provide some kind of financial advice to an evidently smart lady like yourself it would be to think and to try things outside the box, and to stay perseverant. What exactly it means for you I can’t say, all I know is that for me the biggest successes have come from not doing what everyone else was doing, and from not giving up after the first, second or third failure.

    As cliched as it sounds: the world is yours, take it.

    1. Firstly, thank you for all your insightful comments I’ve had the pleasure of reading this morning! I’m happy to have a reader like you.
      I guess I came across the idea of personal finance and financial independence due to mostly using American websites. Estonia isn’t as strong in terms of the social benefits it offers, so it makes sense to strive for it here.
      I did not start the blog with a financial purpose, more like a public journal. Ever had the feeling that you’ve thought about something but you can’t quite remember what it was that you came up with? I hope to write so that I’ll have an interest in rereading the ideas I had in a few years.
      Congratulations on you four day work week, the freedom of not having to stress about financial obligations is a joy that I once hope to have as well :)

  2. Estonia for the win! It not only makes sense there, but the current tax regime doesn’t punish one for trying, and I love the country for that. That’s why I chose to establish my business there out of all places, and that’s why I’m now taking baby steps towards learning the language and considering moving there one day.

    I almost feel obliged to apologize for my wordy comments. The one I posted here was longer than your original post! After my spree earlier today it might be hard to believe, but I extremely rarely comment on anything online. Something about your writing just resonated with me in such a way that I couldn’t resist!

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