MoneyZen portfolio, 2 months

Several people have contacted me to ask how I’m doing with MoneyZen so I decided to give a short overview. For those of you who don’t know, MoneyZen is a P2P (social lending) platform that’s third on the market in Estonia (following Bondora and Omaraha).

I decided to test out the site by adding in about 50€ per month. Currently my first loans have made their first payments and some are already a bit overdue. One of their concepts is having lower loan interest for premium clients, so having overdue loans is a pretty bad sign. Still, this is what my portfolio looks like right now.

moneyzen2monthsI first wanted to make a very conservative portfolio but you can see that there is a complete lack of 900+ credit group loans, so I had to downgrade a bit. As you can see, the average interest for loans is 17,5% – about 10% lower than my porfolio on Bondora.

Questions and comments I currently have

– The credit scoring logic needs a bit more clarification

– I am not sure if the low interest level really justifies itself

– If you want, then it’s probably easy to give out quite a lot of money since there aren’t that many investors on the platform yet

– Significant work should go into making info easier to see for the investor (it’s not very intuitive right now)

– They don’t have an aftermarket, and there is little or no data on revocery

I’m currently planning to keep investing about 50€ per month, meaning that it will take me until summer to reach 100 contracts, which is a reasonable level of diversification. I am hoping to see active development on their side in terms of information/statistics + an overview of how the recovery system works.