My Bondora portfolio (2015, January)

Times are interesting in social lending! The new portfolio manager has caused a bit of chaos and a lot of uncertainty, meaning that the market is actually very good currently for those who are looking for good deals manually. It’s also super easy to enter the market right now, since getting a lot of loans out quickly is doable due to the amount of people not using their portfolio managers.


January actually ended for me with the lowest amount of delayed loans for several months. It was a decent amount of recovery as well, so I can’t really complain. The biggest annoyance is the fact that the pie chart above is a lie! So many loans bounce now that the new manager has been activated that the “green” portion of your chart is showing absolute nonsense. As always, no fixes for the cash flow page either.


The amount invested is slowly climbing up, I’m hoping that this will make a real push in interest returns this year as well. January ended with 90,57€ earned in interests, meaning that while 100€ is out of reach for February since it’s a short month it might be possible in March, or definitely in April (at least combined with Moneyzen it will be reached.)


The plan for this year is to hit at minimum 150€ in interest earned by December. That means a bigger investment push at the start of the year.

New loans

Since the new portfolio manager is a bit hyperactive when it comes to giving out money then I limited it to a fairly conservative strategy of giving out loans to only the five highest credit groups. I let it run all groups, but that ended up getting me way too many Spanish and Finnish loans. Once I rebalanced it and started picking loans by hand it balanced a bit better. Still, i have only 50% Estonian loans this month and 35% in Finnish loans and I’m OK with such a division. It’s sure though, that if you run the PM you will end up diversifying across the board in terms of countries. I’m generally OK with Finland since they’ve managed to get their risk assessment working, but I will be keeping away from most Spanish HR loans.



Definitely going to be an interesting year. Luckily some more dedicated people are starting to analyse the data set, giving us more confidence in the new credit model.