MoneyZen portfolio, 6 months

If I tried to explain my MoneyZen portfolio in two words then those would be “positively boring”. Compared to the chaos of what’s constantly happening in Bondora, I’d consider that a pretty cool problem to have. While it would be nice if things move a bit more quickly and I could see some more developments happening, slow and steady isn’t actually bad when it comes to investments.

I’ve kept up my strategy of 50€/month, and the current standing looks like this:


As you can see, the interest income is slowly and steadily growing, at this pace it’ll climb to 10€/month soon. Not much, but I like the steady growth that’s happening. By summer the portfolio will reach 500€ and I’ll have to reconsider what I’ll do – if I’ll keep the same pace or maybe slow down for a while to see how the portfolio matures.


While a while back I had some loans that I was afraid might default, those have actually climbed back up, and are almost on schedule. So, as of now still no defaults and currently only 4 loans are delayed out of the 33 that I have, which does look quite nice. Time will tell how that’ll keep up.

4 thoughts on “MoneyZen portfolio, 6 months

  1. My worst fear is that they are not able to increase their portfolio fast enough (investors and borrowers) and one point they decide that this business is not worth it and close the doors. OmaRaha or Bondora or someone other might buy their portfolio, but it is not sure before it happens. Therefore, I have a very small amount invested there at the moment.

    1. When I went to meet the CEO I expressed the same concerns as well, the fact that they’re not expanding as quickly as others. There are two reasons why I feel confident enough in them – firstly, the owners are heavily investing into every loan themselves, giving them extra motivation to do well. Secondly, as long as the legal side is solid, then recovery can still happen; I think another P2P portal would take over their portfolio if something did happen to go wrong.

  2. “Compared to the chaos of what’s constantly happening in Bondora”

    Maybe you should ask Bondora to review your original tesimonials on their frontpage.

    just saying…

    1. Interesting point. I went to check what the statement said and while it’s still technically not wrong, I’m not sure they’d let me add “…but the programming is bad.” at the end 😛

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