My Bondora portfolio (2015, March)

March was not a particularly good month in social lending because the new changes to the system of giving out loans meant that a lot of money was stuck under bids and bounced back, so the amount of loans given out was relatively small.

Another issue, that I just came across last night when I tried to start writing my portfolio summary was the fact that Bondora has once again managed to break something, making the numbers I see under investments not match up to what the graphs show.

Essentially, when looking at the investments page I see that I gave out 365€ worth of loans in the month of March. However, looking at the numbers on the statistics page, this is what I see: what1

So, the charts say 410€, which is 45 euro difference. When looking at bids and free money and any other combination of numbers, the differences don’t work out. I sent the report for the bug as well but not as if I’m actually expecting Bondora to fix this. Their graphs have been terrible for a while, so this is another one becoming useless. Seems like it’s time to just look at the numbers given in the csv files, because the other info is just terrible. (Edit: Apparently it’s some dumb issue with time ranges – the csv is correct when you pick 1st-31st of March, but to get the same numbers from investments page you need to pick 1st March-1st April.)

So, believing to trust the investments page (which is also problematic, since I have a bid on a loan from 5th of March that I’ve been told is an actual bug now that hasn’t been fixed in a month) then March was a relatively slow month.


The only positive thing about this month I suppose is the fact that not that many defaulted loans were added. One loan had its principal fully recovered, so it’s at least good to see that something is happening in terms of the 60+ loans. However, since a lot of the paid back loans are still show in the pie chart as green, then visually this chart is also becoming more useless by the day.


In terms of interest earned, March wasn’t as successful as I hoped. I wished to be closer to the 100€ marker, but the month ended up at 94,65€. April isn’t looking too optimistic either since a lot of money spends a week sitting under bids, which seems a bit too long. Hopefully that will improve. The 100€ goal seems to be realistic in May though.

Loans given out

In terms of new loans added, a lot of the A group loans that I got bids into were canceled, so the overall total of loans given out was smaller than usual and very many loans went into group C that is starting to make up a bigger and bigger part of my portfolio. I only had a chance to pick some loans manually, since a lot of the ones that I did pick ended up being cancelled anyways. I hope next month is a bit more balanced and for a change maybe some things on the site get fixed?!

(EDIT: I finally found the missing 45€ worth of loans, so the total of loans given out is actually 410€, but the investments list just doesn’t show it.)