MoneyZen portfolio, 8 months

When I previously described MoneyZen as positively boring, I might have to up- or downgrade the description to just boring. There is very little happening with the portfolio, little enough that I actually forget to check on it at all. Which I suppose in some way is great, because that’s the benchmark of truly passive investing.

Portfolio changes


I actually didn’t add any money to Moneyzen in March, because I think I didn’t manage to get a single loan to go out, and I refuse to lower my interest rates even more.  I added in 25€ in April, and even that hasn’t completely gone into loans.

So, there are some fundamental issues here with loan volume, which means that you can’t currently have Moneyzen as your main social lending investment site unless you’re willing to give up on proper diversification and lower your interest rates to somewhat uncomfortable levels.

Overall, at least there’s some movement. They started sending out newsletters this month as well, so things are happening, albeit very slowly.

Portfolio balance


They added a new group of 500-600, but since I don’t fundamentally know enough about their credit scoring model and I have few enough loans to struggle with proper levels of diversification, so I’m currently not planning to add those into the portfolio manager.

Overall, the loans are all paying nicely, and those who fall behind seem to catch up after a while. I currently have one loan that is steadily heading towards bankruptcy, so I’m interested to see how the recovery process works for them.

Also, since there is no way to see how much you earn from interest per month, since the functionality has now been added, then I don’t even really know how much I earned, which is problematic. There is no easy way to find this out either, so I’m hoping for more functional IT updates to be able to run better statistics of my portfolio.

4 thoughts on “MoneyZen portfolio, 8 months

  1. Hi,

    Have you heard of Mintos? I was thinking of investing on that platform myself but looking for reliable reviews

    1. I have heard of Mintos, but apparently there were some issues with how legal their actions were in Latvia – that the market isn’t properly regulated there. They have already expanded to Estonia though, so I’m guessing we’ll start getting some reliable information relatively soon (once there’s at least a few months of proper history), because some people I know invest there.

  2. I see, indeed it would be nice to have more info before investing.
    I am also currently looking at saving stream in the UK (but it’s in pounds)
    really looking to diversify from bondora

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