My Bondora portfolio (2015, April)

I must say that I don’t remember the last time I started an update about my Bondora portfolio with a positive tone, but the day has come! Bondora has actually fixed some things that have made things better! I must say, I hope it’s a trend that they keep up.

The bug that my portfolio had with the data from April 1st disappearing was fixed before the end of the month, so I was happy about that. Another, much bigger fix was the pie chart that while always somewhat useless had become even more useless with the amount of loans that bounced back. This means that now you can actually look at the pie chart and get an accurate overview of how your portfolio is doing.


I’m guessing some people may have freaked out a bit when looking at their new pie chart though, since the overdue and 60+ loans visually take up a much bigger part of the pie, but they were always there – just not all that well presented. Since I’m going to start reducing the amount of money I’m adding into Bondora, I predict a significant growth of 60+ overdue in relation to the rest of my portfolio.

Interest earned


April was once again a record month, reaching 98,01€ in interest earned. I hoped that the 100€ checkpoint would be reached, but combining Bondora + Moneyzen returns, I’m over the 100€ marker. It’s definitely a monthly number that was difficult to imagine when starting, and now I’m pretty much guaranteed to not fall below it.

Loans given out

newloansaprilThe balance of loan groups remains quite similar as before. I had some more time to handpick loans, which explains why there is more D-HR group loans. There was a strange lack of C group loans this month, but that might’ve just been because a lot of them bounced back and didn’t go out.

Since I’m probably going to heavily reduce my investments into Bondora, then I’ll probably hand-pick less loans in the future and allow the portfolio to become more conservative.


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