Investment Radio to be launched!

There’s been something that Tauri from the Isepankur blog and I have been working on for the past few weeks and it’s time to share what we’ve been up to! We’re starting a podcast called Investment Radio!


Why a podcast?

There are several reasons why a podcast is a great way of sharing information. Firstly you can share much more information than you would be able to in writing – we just talk that much faster. Another good side of podcasts is that it’s a much more casual format of discussing topics than written posts. Thirdly, there aren’t almost any radio shows or TV shows in Estonia that are focused on discussing investments. (Sorry to all foreign readers here, the podcast is going to be in Estonian!)

What will the podcast be about?

We are currently aiming to talk about topics that would help both people who are just getting started and investors who are at a similar level to us. When Tauri & I started investing, then good information was very difficult to come by and it was even more difficult to find any reliable information about actual people’s experiences. This is what we’re trying to solve – we want to talk about what’s happening on the market, what we’re doing with our own portfolios and what other investors are doing and thinking.

How will the podcast work?

Our current tentative plan is to have two different types of episodes. The longer episodes will talk about general investment related topics that are more timeless and the shorter episodes will discuss important news in the investment world (with a slightly bigger focus on crowdfunding and social lending). The episodes will be available to listen to online or to download.

Will you still write the blog?

Yes, of course! Neither of us are giving up our blogs. We will both still be writing about our own portfolios and general thoughts. The Investment Radio will just give us a chance to learn how to share our thoughts and information in a different format and add a breath of fresh air into the field of investing.

How can I find out more?

You can sign up to receive notifications about new episodes at the radio’s home page. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. The first episode has already been recorded and we’re doing some behind the scenes work to get everything set up to release it! We’re both super excited to share our thoughts with all of your! Hear you later!



2 thoughts on “Investment Radio to be launched!

  1. Väga lahe uudis! Ootan põnevusega. Esimeses episoodis võiksid jagada ka siseinfot, et kust sa naine sellise energia võtad, et nii palju jõuad :) Palju edu!

    1. kui sa selliseid küsimusi esitad, siis järelikult on sinu ümber keegi(lähedastest) kes sinu energiat varastab – võiksid siia esimese kahtlusaluse isikukirjelduse postitada ja siis saab juba edasi rääkida

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