My Bondora portfolio (2015, May)

This month in Bondora finally fulfilled a goal that I’ve been waiting for – for the first time ever interest earned from my portfolio was more than 100 euros. (102,24 to be exact!) Technically my social lending portfolio was over the 100€ marker last month already taking into account the small amount of money moving in Moneyzen, but it’s still a nice checkpoint.

Overall portfolio status


As you can see, the value of overdue loans is climbing to impressive numbers. Currently they are at about 620 euros and while there was a relatively big bump at one point then at least there seems to be some kind of balancing happening. I am really pleased that Bondora managed to start giving some proper data about recovery and how it’s impacting your portfolio. While there is nothing particularly impressive going on, then you can still see some positive themes. This is after 2,5 years of investing.




As I mentioned above, the interest returns were relatively nice this month, there was a nice bump compared to last month, and I’m hoping interest returns will not drop below 100€ anymore. My optimistic goal for this year was to finish by reaching 150€ in interest but that might be slightly too optimistic seeing as I’m reducing money invested into Bondora due to loan payments for the rental real estate and adding in SP500 into my portfolio in a more meaningful manner.


New loans


Bondora even tried to fix this chart somewhat! It apparently no longer shows instantly cancelled loans, which is a step in the right direction, it’s once again a bit more useful, but only marginally. The climb is slowly going towards getting 400€ in invested + reinvested money but that goal might be postponed for a while.

In terms of loan groups the month was pretty dull. I didn’t have much time to hand pick any loans and I’m slowly still working on making the portfolio a bit more conservative. This is the basis of social lending – in times of growth higher risk loans bring a bigger return but in times of a market downfall more conservative loan notes are expected to do better. No one can predict when the next crisis will hit, but as I wrote before when talking about portfolio balance, it takes a while to get a portfolio like mine (about 800 loan pieces) to start changing directions. The overall loans for May ended up as follows: