Estateguru portfolio status, 3 months

A while back I wrote that I took a look into Estateguru as an investment opportunity due to wanting to both diversify and perhaps move a part of my lending portfolio into real estate backed loans. Since then they’ve slowly gotten their pipeline going and there is new projects happening every now and then.


What do I like about Estateguru so far?

  • While the interface and web page could be smoother, all numbers and transactions are clearly visible and I’ve had no issues so far trying to find information and failing to. (Looking at you here, Bondora!)
  • There’s a reasonable amount of data on each investment and there’s enough projects moving currently to have hope of not much cash drag happening.
  • The loan terms are short, meaning that the lack of a secondary market at the moment isn’t as big of an issue as it would be if the investments were 3+ years.
  • I don’t need to log on often to keep track of what’s happening – in that sense it’s way more passive than some other investments I have. (I trust they won’t make any big changes without previous info.)

Portfolio plans?

I’m currently a bit torn when it comes to my plans for Estateguru. Due to the short term of the projects, it doesn’t take long to create a kind of a cycle of investments. (It’s shorter than with Crowdestate for example). This means that in theory out of all my investments Estateguru is closest to a classical CD ladder (A strategy in which an investor divides the amount of money to be invested into equal amounts to certificates of deposit (CDs) with different maturity dates.), with markedly higher interest though!

This means that I’d have the option to keep investing 50€ per project (the minimum), until the year comes full cycle (next July) and then re-evaluate whether I want to increase the sums that I invest or keep them at the same level and lessen contributions. (Since you get interest paid, then for every next 50€ investment you need to add in less of your own money, and just reinvest the returns).

My current plan is to keep to the minimum to slowly diversify my portfolio and then re-evaluate after like half a year. There is always the question of what happens if a project defaults and issues arise or how many projects they’re capable of bringing out to keep cash drag to a minimum. Definitely they seem to have hit the ground running and are doing well enough that I’d dare to give them more importance in my P2P portfolio.

*’If you feel like starting to invest with them, then using the promotion code EGU05422 will cash back 0,5% of your invested amount to both yourself and me as the person who referred you for the first year of investing.

3 thoughts on “Estateguru portfolio status, 3 months

  1. I have been investing in EstateGuru since April 2015 and I definitely agree with you.
    They could have done a better job with the interface, but the rest is completely satisfying and the projects arr really attractive. It’s one of the few P2P-Lending platform that allows you to invest in real estate without spending 5k € or so.
    I’ve invested in 7 projects so far, for a total of 350€: diversification also with small investments.

    I also sent an email to Crowdestate: they are planning some improvements on the platform and they are going to introduce English language. So I guess that I’ll consider that website too in the future.

    Greetings from Italy!

    1. How’s the weather down there? 😉

      Long term, I hope Estateguru will smooth things over once they have more revenue, but as a minimum viable product it’s completely usable.

      Yes, Crowd hinted at new web already in August, but seems like they ran into time troubles. I hope to see it soon as well, since their web is truly terrible!

      1. The weather here in Monza (Milan) is finally really sunny and warm, after a couple of weeks of “cold”. It’s a pity that I had to go back to work! :)

        “Minimum viable product” that “is completely usable”: that’s the difference between EstateGuru and another minimum viable product, Investly, which still has *a lot* to do in my opinion.

        I didn’t have the chance to better analyze CrowdEstate (you know, language barrier…). Maybe it’s useful for other users, too: their CEO told me that they are going to update their IT system, so that the investment process could become completely automatic. But yes, they told me that they planned to be completely upgraded (IT System and English language) by the end of August… Let’s wait and see! 😉

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