My Bondora portfolio (2015, November)

In many ways November was both a boring and interesting month at once. I’ve finished adding money into my private portfolio in Bondora, so now it’s just doing it’s own thing, however since API is finally live, then all December investments will be made through the API; so let’s see how it goes :) Numbers wise, not a surprising month.


Another record month for interest earned, but barely. The total remained at 108,55€, a tiny bump from last month. December is looking like it will just hit 110€, bringing my total interest earned from Bondora to 2K.

From now on, obviously the growth rate of this portfolio will slow down due to not adding in additional money, but I’m seeing nice returns, meaning that the growth should be steady enough to keep things interesting.


Recovery keeps slowly climbing (nice to see!) and for the first time, total recovery climbed over 20€/month.


Overall, not much interesting happening, waiting to start testing the API to see how well I can tune my portfolio. I’ll probably share some initial results middle of December.

5 thoughts on “My Bondora portfolio (2015, November)

  1. Are you thinking of withdrawing the initial investment and let the interests do their thing? That would give you a downpayment easily into 2 appartment in Pohja-Tallinn and increase your passive income from rentals. :)
    At least that is what I have done, I am in the process of withdrawing my initial investment and putting them into downpayments of my real estate deals as they give way better ROI together with mortgage. P2p gives roughly 10 % while rental unit with 10 % with 75 % leverage gives you roughly 35-40 % ROI in the first year when the mortgage is at the highest point. In real estate 10 keuros makes you 3,5-4 keuros while in p2p only 1 keuros.

    1. I’m currently in the process of hunting for apartment 2 and I have partial financing secured (going to see one tomorrow that will hopefully impress me!). After that I might consider the situation, depends on how the API works out.

      1. Wow! Good luck and I hope it will suit into your portfolio!
        I am actually also going to see one real estate (land + a wooden house) on Friday. It will be financed 100 % with bank loan for 1,4 % + 12 month euribor pa (of course if it suits). The ROI will be spectacular.

        I want to encourage you to think about appartments/real estate in the long haul. As long as you buy at least slightly under the market value and get a decent rental yield you are doing just fine no matter if the prices go up or down. If your investment strategy is based on cash flow and passive income and you are not even planning to sell it at any time (doesn’t mean you will not though), you will be wealthy. The faster you buy the appartments with loans the faster your will be financially free. I am reaching now that goal, currently I make only slightly more from my job than the rental income.

        The bank financing and current low interest rates combined is the reason why I think appartments/real estates are better than Bondora and other p2p sites in terms of ROI at least now. When the interest rates will start climbing up, then just slowing a little might be a prudent thing to do and obviosuly I personally recommend to have some kind hedge against the rise of interest rates, it can be done basically in two ways: 1 ) buying the insurance from your banker 2) accepting a fixed interest (last time I asked from my banker 5 year fixed was 1,8%, 10 year 2,3 % and 15 year 2,8 % – I feel the last one as the most appealing as for sure it will be higher at some point in the coming 15 years).

        If I may ask, it would be inspiring to read your experience from seeing an appartment wether it was good or bad and why. :)

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