Twino and Mintos portfolios, 6m

The great Latvian face-off! How has it been going? Time to take a look.statustwino


So, when it comes to Twino the original plan was to have short term loans only to balance out the fact that most other of my investments are long term (such as Bondora and Omaraha). At start it was working well, but Twino has been playing around with interest rates quite a bit, so I’ve adjusted my plan a bit and ended up investing into longer term loans (since they offer 13% interest at the moment) and keeping only a part of the portfolio in very short term loans.

The interest difference of course isn’t that much, but realistically the likelihood that I would have to take out all of the money quickly enough for it to matter is small enough to be probably quite irrelevant. If I just need to cash out quickly then there is a somewhat functioning secondary market, and I’m keeping enough money in cash to not really be worried about the slightly reduced liquidity. Overall, I think they’ve managed to find a place in the Baltic P2P market and will prove to do well in long term too.


statusmintosNow, when it comes to Mintos, then I buried my plan of investing only into short term loans way before I did with Twino. I do have two autobidders running, one of them catching shorter term loans, but with mogo offering 13,5% with buyback as well, there isn’t really too much of a reason to diversify that much across different loan providers (especially considering the fact that I have investments in other portals as well). So if I look at the balance of my portfolio right now, then about 75% of the loans are mogo car loans with long deadlines.

When it comes to the volume, neither Twino or Mintos have had issues. Whenever I add more money, it gets invested in minutes, and I can see why a lot of people who start on either of these sites don’t really feel the need to diversify across too many more portals. Overall if I look at the 5 core portals in my P2P portfolio, then by portfolio value the division would be Bondora > Crowdestate > Omaraha > Mintos > Twino. A couple of months ago the first three were trailing ahead quite a lot, but I’m letting the last two catch up since I think they’ve both proven their value in both the volumes provided, with transparent data & expansion plans and just overall great communication. To sum up, I’d say that they have both been worthy additions to my P2P portfolio.

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    1. Well, I sadly have to wait for them to balance out a bit to do that, since Twino shows return at 17% due to some very generous calculations on their part with rounding. For Mintos it’s hovering at 12,8% which I expect will climb a bit. So they will probably stabilize to be relatively close to one another within the next couple of months.

  1. Hi Kristi, thanks for sharing your experiences with P2P. Would be possible to share some info about Omaraha and Crowdestate sites? What is your current ROI and default rate on these platforms?

  2. Interesting post! Currently Twino and Mintos represent the majority of my P2P portfolio, as I prefer lower interest for lower risk.
    I agree with your insights about the fact that these companies should have a bright future.
    For me, after 1y of Twino and 1y and 3m of Mintos, the situation is: a generous 14.24% for the first, a more realistic 11.86% for the latter.
    Totally satisfied anyway 😉

    1. The Twino return number will go down since they have fixed some rounding issues – my return there is at 17% and dropping slowly, so in a couple of months it will be realistic.

  3. Lately for me Mintos doesn’t have such a big market for short term loans either so 2% of my money was just stacking and waiting for new loan requests. Increasing the loan term is the only option, but Mintos is still top 3 out of all my investment platforms.

    For Twino (top 2) though I still have most of my portfolio on short term loans, since I manage to have the minimum available cash (< minimum loan size) at any time before it gets reinvested – like you said – in a matter of minutes, my interest rate doesn't go beyond 12.01%. Would you recommend investing as well in medium/long term loans on Twino? What is the average default rate for these?

    1. Since Twino offers buyback for the longer term loans as well, then the default rate is somewhat of a difficult stat to analyse. The question of whether the 12% for short term vs 13% for long term loans is actually balanced in terms of risk is a good question – I mean, you can exit from the long term loans with relative ease anyways, so I’m not sure what to think of this.

  4. Thanks Krisit for the amazing blog posts, it really helps me since I’m in Europe and I looked into non-standard investment opportunities. Any other blog posts with experiments will greatly help me as well.

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