Mintos cashback program

It seems like Mintos is growing at such a rate that they need more investors’ money and therefore they are offering for the month of December a cashback program for investors willing to invest into long term loans via the primary market.

As someone whose portfolio in Mintos mostly consisted of long term loans (mostly mogo) anyways, then this is not a particular hardship to take part in – the cashback offers 2-5% cashback depending on the length of loans you are willing to put your money into.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 13.19.06

You can already see the effect this promotion is having by the fact that a) the primary market is pretty empty if you go looking for 60+month loans and looking at the stats for the whole month then half way through the month, Mintos seems to be on track of 45-50 million euros worth of loans being funded. Essentially they are reaching a point where through Mintos as much money is invested as through most other Baltic P2P portals, so super impressive for them!

Looking at the amount of money invested, and assuming maybe half of it would be invested into loans which qualify for the program (since there’s plenty of people who still wish to have only short term loans) the expense for the cashback I would assume, would run somewhere into the range of a couple of hundred thousand to half a million euros to be paid out to the investors.

I’ve also added a bit of extra money to Mintos this month, and will probably add another top-off to benefit from the cashback offer. There are a lot of interesting aspects to this offer, I assume at least some investors will be selling the loans they invested into on the secondary market once the program is over, so I’d expect it would be reasonable to stock up some cash to pick up bbg loans which are on sale on the secondary market at the start of January.

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For my portfolio it’s a nice boost to have, probably in the range of 50-100 euros max depending how much I deposit extra, but a nice Christmas present overall. The cashback gets paid out within a week as well, so if you invest now, then you’ll have time to reinvest the cashback amount as well after it’s deposited.


If you start investing in Mintos now with a referral link, you’ll gain an additional 1% off your first 90 days of investments.

6 thoughts on “Mintos cashback program

  1. Hello,
    Do you think is sustainable to invest such an amount as to live of interest?
    Or try to invest in stock market and live of dividents?
    Which is more realistic ?
    Thank you

    1. I believe both are realistic. P2P at this point is a bit higher returns for higher risk. Stock market (when well diversified) is probably a bit lower risk and a bit lower returns. I personally do both – stock market and P2P. Same overall rules apply – diversify across both stocks and P2P portals.

    2. POPESCU GRIGORE: I don’t do P2P lending so can’t comment there but for what it’s worth I now finally survive on stock market dividends. It’s possible but took long time to grow the portfolio. 25 years for me.

      That is slow but I made many mistakes. Clever people can no doubt make it much faster.

  2. Hello! Interesting that the interest for 60-month or longer term loans has fallen to 12% (for Mogo BBG car loans). It used to be 14% at the beginning of the month :)

    1. Interest rate is an issue of supply-demand, if investors are willing to invest at 12%, then why offer 14%? This month they’re heading for a record month invested due to cashback, and originators are getting a solid supply of money.

      1. Exactly. Supply and demand. Normal market rules.
        It is funny to see how people think in terms “but this is not fair.

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