Mintos 10K earned

Been a while since an update, and everyone likes round numbers right? My Mintos account just hit 10 000 euros interest + late fees + cashback + secondary market earnings, so a nice milepost to hit.


So, overall, how’s it been? Some highs and lows – no more high value cashback campaigns, then there was an interest rate slump for a while, then a huge spike – could get good quality loan originator loans that were listed at 15% and 16%. Now slowly being pushed back to 12%, so still, you have to keep an eye out on what is happening on the market.

Overall, 3,5 years in, cannot complain about returns. Currently Mintos functions somewhat as a liquidity buffer for my portfolio. Any free money currently not invested sits there, for a while it ballooned to about 50K, currently at 35K and as I have an equity investment coming up, it will drop to about 25K for a while.

More and more originators are joining, but I don’t see all that much reason to diversify that much more. I have 4 somewhat local originators represented which are big and have a solid track record, so I have faith in them not failing. With some loan originators having left from the platform and some issues with Polish originators it seems, there is really no need to go hunting for maybe slightly higher returns with much higher risk. A few more originators I’m willing to invest into, but they haven’t added loans at rates I’d be interested in at the moment. For a while I had about 8 originators represented.

Only downside currently – for a while there was an interest war, where you could pretty much just set an autobidder and sleep, then now the auto invest is somewhat broken due to, what seems to be, overload from the Invest & Access product, so have to spend time manually checking the market for loans every now and then.

Honestly a bit surprised though that the 12%+ interest rates are still going, I would have expected them to drop some more, since Mintos’s history is getting longer and the volumes keep getting bigger, but communication issues are still a thing (the AML issues some users had, somewhat too little detail on the Aforti case,) and since the addition speed of originators seems to be exceeding the amount of money investors can invest, then seems like there will still be good returns to be had.

14 thoughts on “Mintos 10K earned

  1. Congratulations on you milestone Kristi, 10k earnings is quite something!

    I miss your regular updates. You’re the one who inspired me to start blogging. Get back into gear girl :-)

    1. I’m working on it. I actually quit work just a few months ago to have more time for my own projects, hopefully this blog will be more alive as well :)

  2. same feedback and experience as you, left twino omaraha and bondora for good.

    stay in mintos only with short term loans and hope being able to run away at first signs of troubles.

    Do you still have a great confidence in Mintos? you know their reputation I am in France and it is a total unknown company…

    Thanks for for all

    1. As Latvia is geographically very close, then I suppose I have the advantage of having access to more info both in the media and other local bloggers, so I don’t have any fears to have to do with their reputation. P2P is still however very new – most people know nothing about it, it was pure accident that I got involved in it 7+ years ago, but it’s still not very well known. Several originators who are listed on Mintos are also listed at nearby stock markets (bonds listed), so that gives additional info and assurance.

    1. I prefer nearby originators (from Estonia and Latvia) with longer track records and who are profitable. No need to try out fresh and unprofitable originators when there are those with better histories available.

  3. Good to read your comments again and Congrats for this special milestone!
    Are you using the new auto invest access tool? I tried at first but felt very out of my control (drastically changes in the portfolio).
    Could you share which ones are your 8 main originators?

    1. No, the Invest and Access is terrible, and I recommend everyone stay away from it. You don’t need to diversify as aggressively as I&A tries to do. For Mintos it’s good – more loan originators get money, for investors as you said loss of control. I prefer mostly Estonian/Latvian originators since it’s easier to analyze the companies.

  4. Nice read, Kristi. For a newbie on Mintos, could you recommend a portfolio or any loan types to begin with. What criteria do you consider when buying loans in the secondary market

    1. To be fair, since autoinvest also works on the secondary market now it’s hard to find any good deals. Never pay more than 0,1% premium since the likelihood that the loan will be bought back is so high. I recommend only buyback loans, no lower than 10% interest rate, look at originators with a longer than a couple of years history, especially good if they’re reasonably profitable and have other sources of financing in addition to Mintos as well.

  5. Great post as always Kristi! One question: with average interest rates having dropped quite a bit in the recent weeks, how would set up your Autoinvestor? My AI has almost completely stopped and my available funds rise by the day , even though my current target lies at 12.5% , what would you recommend? And can we expect interest rates to slowly rise again in september and the coming months? :)

    Have a great day

    1. With how much money is being invested through Invest & Access, I do not see high interest rates returning (at least not on a large scale). I’m happy with 12% interest from loan originators that have passed my due diligence.

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