financial goals

Financial goals

In the long run I am working towards financial independence. This means that I hope to one day achieve a situation where the income from my investments covers my everyday expenses. The next step would be to increase my investments to the point where I can also reinvest some of the returns since I do not need it to cover my expenses.

My portfolio

Overall I have a plan to be a rather boring investor and balance my investments between three different asset classes.

  1. Stocks – I invest into single Baltic dividend stocks and balance the risk by also investing into index funds. Currently my portfolio includes a handful of Baltic dividend paying stocks and international well diversified index funds.
  2. Social lending – I invest into P2P lending and real estate crowdfunding – this is the riskiest part of my portfolio. Currently my portfolio includes both Estonian and Latvian P2P sites.
  3. Rental real estate. I am hoping to focus small apartments in the northern part of Tallinn. Currently my portfolio includes one rental apartment.



15 thoughts on “financial goals

  1. For alternative investment income idea, perhaps a creating a mobile app? If you do not know how to code, then just outsource it to India. :) Not sure how well it works though but if the price is not too much, then why not to give a try.

    1. I actually have an app live on the Google Play store! It ended up being my last year’s project! It’s an English learning/grammar practice app that brings in veeeeeeery little passive income, but the project is still in works, since it’s a huge amount of work, so that worked out to an extent. I’ll have to think of something else this year 😉

  2. Hi Kristi!

    A few questions, if I may:
    1. why diversify your social lending on so many platforms? why not stick to 1, max 2 platforms?
    2. where can I read about how it does with your rental estate?
    3. where can I read about what are your goals exactly, and how far are you from reaching them, what returns/losses have you had? You know, numbers!

    P.S. Great idea for a blog! :)

    1. Hey-hey!

      1) diversification is always to lower risk. When it comes to P2P then the history is short enough that most people wouldn’t trust all their money into one portal, especially after hitting 5 figures invested into P2P. Different portals also give access to different markets – Estonia, Georgia, Latvia – and different asset types – real estate loans, p2p loans, invoices etc.
      2) My rental estate story is pretty boring to be honest, so not much to write about it – it will be paid out soon (since I had an aggressive loan strategy) and it has a second tenant at the moment, no issues so far.
      3) I do try to keep up with the monthly updates (well, that hasn’t worked in summer), but some info is kind of scattered around the blog, so it’s a bit difficult to find, I’ll try to clear out the financial goals page a bit :)

      1. Hi Kristi! Thanks for the response!

        Could you share something about your stock activities? What brokerage / platform are you using?

        Last time I looked into this, there was nothing on the Baltic stock market available, which would be suitable for a small-scale investor as the current brokerage fees would eat up any yields to the point of no return.

        For example, even buying a few hundreds worth of a stock would be non-starter.

  3. Congrats on the blog – I’m exaclty in the same boat, so will be a keen follower.

    I am based in Spain, so don’t follow the baltic stock market very closely at all. I am however investing in the P2p market through Mintos and Twino.

    I wanted to ask how do you screen your dividend stocks. I’ll explain my current strategy, but I’m curious to read what’s yours.
    My plan is to create sources of income that can remain active 30 years. My thinking is that utilities (mostly electricity and water) are markets that offer a) interesting yields relative to the rest of the market, and b) have huge barriers of entry, and therefore less likely to be disrupted. That is of course, unless solar becomes mainstream. 30 years is a long period :).

    Any thoughts welcome!!!

    One final question, what’s your current % allocation between stocks, p2p lending, and real estate?

    Thanks and congratulations!

  4. Hi Kristi, Thanks for your info. I have opened an account on Twino. I hope it wil also give me some good returns as it did to you. I think more then 11% is really good.

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